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Elton and his David Furnish made a special appearance on Friday, September 8, at the Bulgari Gem Table in Rome. 

The vocalist met Bulgari Jewellery Creative Director Lucia Silvestri and together they designed a special creation that will be auctioned off at an Elton John AIDS Foundation gala  in June 2018 to commemorate the charity’s 25th anniversary.

”As someone who has had so much pleasure out of beautifully made and designed jewellery, to have the opportunity to join Lucia in the creative process was amazing.  I’m so proud that this exquisite piece will also help save lives around the world and help us defeat AIDS.  It shows how Bulgari and the Elton John AIDS Foundation can use our creativity in wonderful and new ways”, said the rocker.

During the visit, the former Reg Dwight received a special ring in rose gold with an ancient silver coin representing Roman Emperor Hadrian as a special tribute to Rome and Elton’s 70th birthday with his name engraved inside.

“It was fabulous to have Sir Elton visit us at Bulgari – to collaborate with an artist who shares Bulgari’s love of Italian style that is bold, yet sophisticated, contemporary and stylish,” remarked Silvestri.  “Elton and I discovered we both love to mix colours and shapes in unexpected ways, combining different style elements – classic and fashion.  I am so excited with the piece that Sir Elton and Bulgari are co-designing and looking forward to revealing it next summer.”

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