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On April 9, Steve Miller was inducted into the  Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

But the guitarist and songwriter has been criticising the ceremony and the institution.

The 72-year-old tells Billboard that it would have been nice if organisers had planned pre-ceremony events introducing the inductees and asking them to suggest how to improve and enrich the Rock Hall.

“There’s really no concern for you as a musician or artist, or congratulations. It’s

‘we’re making a television show, it’s our show, we’re making money off this to run our museum, shut up and do what you’re told to do.’ “

Steve adds, “The whole process feels like you’re dealing with a company that wants you to give them everything and they’re going to go make all this money and they’re going to do everything with it, and you have no input into it, no say about any of it, take it or leave it.”

The musician also comments about the Black Keys, the modern-rock duo who introduced Steve at the ceremony – and who have been heard saying they regretted having to induct him.

He says that he had wanted the former Reg Dwight to induct him, “because Elton knows my music and loves my music and we’re friends, and I thought he would probably have a good historical perspective.” But the Rock Hall organisers told him “no, the Black Keys are going to do it.” He also maintains that he wasn’t even introduced to the band at the ceremony.

Miller adds that in spite of how he may appear in the media, he’s doesn’t consider himself to be “a grumpy guy.”

He maintains, “I’ve spent 60 years performing and recording music and trying to grow as an artist…I’ve demanded respect for myself and my band and my peers, I’ve demanded full artistic control for my music, I advocate for artists and music education wherever I can. And I’m a nice guy.”

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