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Arianna Kane manages all of Barclays Center‘s artist hospitality in Brooklyn, New York. So she has asked for ideas about the rocker’s upcoming concert on New Year’s Eve (more on this in the near future). Arianna also spoke with us about what her job is like.

EJW: What does the hospitality program involve?

AK: We gift customise items to all of our performing artists. I have created a unique reputation around here for doing some memorable gifts for artists.

EJW: How did you wind up in this field?

AK: With regard to hospitality, I’ve always wanted to interact with clients, so this was the perfect opportunity. Prior to joining the team at Barclays Center, I spent 7+ years at the NBA in their events department. I traveled around the world to different arenas, learning about all different cultures and how they defined hospitality.

Bringing this knowledge into Barclays Center has certainly helped understand how to “cater” to people in a memorable way.

EJW: Who actually takes part in the presentation?

AK: Typically, I will arrange for a presentation through the artist management team. We like to present the gift to the artist prior to the show, but sometimes, we will be forced to do this after the show based on schedules. It can be anywhere from their dressing room, to the hallway, to an official Meet & Greet function. Our SVP of Programming will present the gifts along with me as a “thank you” for performing at Barclays Center.

EJW: Who are some of the entertainers you have worked with?

AK: They have included Lionel Richie, Billy Joel, and Barbra Streisand.

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