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Dream Weaver: Music, Meditation and my Friendship With George Harrison spends a good deal of time on Gary Wright’s early struggles as a singer/songwriter, and longtime relationship with Harrison. Gary credits the former Beatle with helping him find solace and faith in Eastern spirituality. Elton is also mentioned in the book, although not nearly as often.

Both men occasionally wound up visiting the music publisher, Lionel Conway, at the same time. Elton was then trying to find others to cover his songs, and he and Gary would play new material for Lionel.

It wasn’t long before the former Reg Dwight was seeking Gary’s input. When he completed his eponymous album, he called up hs colleague, asking if he’d like to hear the finished product.

Gary was impressed, and in fact, when he later formed the band Spooky Tooth, one of their covers was one of Elton’s compositions, Son of Your Father.

But Wright wasn’t the only talent in his clan. His sister, Lorna, was a jazz singer who signed with Elton’s Rocket Records in the late 1970s, releasing an album called Circle of Love.

Ringo Starr, Phil Spector and Chris Blackwell are among the other music veterans discussed in Gary’s memoir.

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