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Elton’s musical director says that Covid was sort of a gift for him.


That’s because his ”touring schedule with Elton over the last 50 years or so has been so intense that it really gave me time to realise that this was it.”
In an interview posted by Pollstar on Friday– Johnstone acknowledged that he didn’t know how long they would be off. But upon seeing it would be a while, the musician discovered it to be ”like a gift” since he got to spent a good deal of time with his family and regularly sleep in his own bed. 
”Then there was the fact that I didn’t have to concentrate on Elton’s music, or think about how I have to rehearse the band, or put things together for the next gigs.” He was free to play his own music so began working with his friend Rick Otto, an actor and poet, who ”came up with some wonderful ideas,” which they edited by texting each other back and forth. ”We never saw each other, obviously. By July, I had eight or nine songs that sounded really good.”
So much so that Davey was able to release an album called Deeper Than My Roots. {As reported earlier, it’s a family affair. His son, Elliott, did most of the lead vocals. Charlie, his next youngest, played keyboards, while Jesse played some drums and Tam mixed a couple of the tracks. And Juliet, the 70-year-old’s daughter, came up with the artwork.} 
The Scotsman was asked if it’s been emotional for ”everyone to be coming to end after 50 years of touring.” 
He agreed it has been emotional, with fans tearing up as they ”realise it’s the last time they’re going to see us up there,” and many of them have been to ”like 50 shows, 100 shows, 200 shows.”  
While he and Elton won’t tour together after this, he’s sure his friend will continue to be active and ”will always write. There may be things that we’ll do after this whole touring thing is over.”
Davey says that for him, ”music goes on forever” so he’ll continue to write, and might ”do some live stuff with my music.”

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