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Elton has talked about retiring before. But this time, at least when it comes to touring, Davey Johnstone believes he’s serious.

That doesn’t mean the piano player won’t continue to involved in music, Davey acknowledges. ”He might do something else, revue wise, maybe a one-man show somewhere. I have no idea, but anything’s possible.”
While off during the pandemic, Elton worked on a new record, The Lockdown Sessions. And his guitar player and musical director took advantage of the time off to make an album of his own, which is out today. 
Deeper Than My Roots is Johnstone’s first solo outing in nearly half a century, following Smiling Face in 1973. Most of the material is new, but two instrumentals, reports the Macomb Daily {} were recorded at least 10 years prior, so bass player Bob Birch (who died in 2012) was able to participate. Denny Seiwell, an original member of Paul McCartney‘s Wings, and Davey’s bandmate, Nigel Olsson, also make appearances.
However, much of the album is ”a family thing,” with Tam and Jesse Johnstone on drums; Charlie Johnstone on keyboards; and Elliot Johnstone serving as the primary lead vocalist. Davey’s daughter, Juliet, did the artwork. 
”All my kids, all through their lives, they always heard a lot of music at home. There’s always music playing, whether it’s me playing guitar or sitar or albums playing or whatever. I think that music’s a very strong gene that you pass from family member to family member. As a result, all my kids are crazily talented and they love music, and my daughter’s a wonderful artist. Having them involved, it’s been really a cool project to do.” 
Deeper Than My Roots, described as having ”moments of rock majesty,” and some references to doo-wop and gospel, is about doing ”whatever I wanted to musically–that’s why it’s quite diverse and electic.”
It’s an album ”from my heart,” Davey continues, ”and it contains all the various musical instruments I’ve grown up with and been able to play.”

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