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As we relaunch your favourite eltonjohnworld website it now comes packed with more new features than Elton has in his travelling wardrobe.

Introducing Saturday Night’s Alright (for Podcasting), the new show powered by eltonjohnworld.

This show is hosted by EJW co-founder George Matlock, and takes on the ambitious task of interviewing people who make Elton John’s World. That means, the band, support crew, artists who have collaborated with Elton, artists who have worked on Elton’s record sleeves and video productions, and last but not at all least, the devoted fans who have stood by our treasured Elton for more than half a century.

Many are the unsung heroes of the Elton John story. And now we want to give them all a voice. We want their opinions and their insights. We want to know their motivation and what impact Elton has made on them.

The interviews contain original and exclusive content. But we also want to entertain you. For the facts, you have tomes of encyclopaedic books and reams of newspapers. For the fun, you have Saturday Night’s Alright (for Podcasting).

The series enters the stage later in 2022 and will be published once a month on a Saturday Night. Hence the title.

Be sure to subscribe to us from your favourite podcast player app. And drop George a line if you would like to be a guest on the show. Please email and let us know what you think of the show too!

You can also now share a voice message with us. It is easy. Just click here! Love to hear from you!

In fact you can hear our trailer in the podcast player here now!


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