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s02e05: Radio Elton John | ADAM CHESTER

The man who plays Elton when he doesn’t is our guest this month. Adam Chester has been Elton’s stand-in for gig rehearsals since 2005 and it all started with a Rock of the Westies album in a record store and with Davey Johnstone humbly remarking the album was “alright”. Adam is a hoot. So join him on the tree branch tonight!

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Elton John All The Songs was published earlier in April. We catch up with its authors, Rolling Stone journalists Romuald Ollivier and Olivier Roubin in Nantes, France, to tell us how they approached the ambitious task of documenting the story of every Elton John song. To coincide with the book’s launch the authors and publisher Hachette are offering one English-language copy of this bible of Elton songs signed by the authors. Head over to and read the competition terms to be in with a chance to win it!

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s02e03: Radio Elton John | GARY OSBORNE

As we mark Sir Elton’s 76th birthday today our special guest is lyricist Gary Anthony Osborne, who wrote the words to Blue Eyes, Shine On Through and Little Jeannie. But what word did Elton want cut out from one of Gary’s lyrics? We showcase Gary’s musical story and find out how Elton chose to change his music writing to lead with the music, a 180 degrees on how he writes with Bernie Taupin.

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s02e02: Radio Elton John | PHIL GREENFIELD

Episode aka “The Man who Turned Down Elton John’s Job offer”, tells the story from road manager Phil Greenfield. Phil handled logistics and sounds for Hookfoot, Caleb Quaye’s band which also featured Roger Pope and Ian Duck. Phil tells us how Elton forgave him for snubbing a job and came back for a stint at Elton’s Wembley Stadium gig in 1975. He captures the mood of the audience stunned that Elton chose to take the stage and premiere his entire new autobiographical album Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy.

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