EltonJohn.World contains a myriad of content from decades, much of it not available anywhere else. We are proud of that legacy. Over two decades we have migrated data twice, in 2013 and again in 2022, to bring you a better experience. But this is not always simple. During a migration in 2013 we discovered there were more than 8,000 entries already. A decade later that collection has burgeoned even more. A bit like moving from 78 RPM vinyl to 33 1/3 RPM LPs we are gradually aligning all of this back catalogue for a seamless experience that benefits you in a digital age. Please bear with us as we continue this huge task. Thank you.

Elton John World News: Street Kids

Street Kids– Posted by editor_usaMovie Director Wants Elton to do a Fight Scene Friday 26 July 2013 @ 16:31 – GMT Elton is being lined up for a fight scene in The Secret Service.Director Matthew Vaughn wants to...

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Elton John World News: Slaperoo

Slaperoo — Posted by editor_usaAn Inventor And Percussionist Attracts The Attention of a Longtime EJ Band MemberTuesday 2 July 2013 @ 16:13 – GMT The unique design of the Slaperoo percussion was inspired by the...

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