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February 6 Ceremony Includes Stars’ Output

Thursday 19
January 2006 @ 16:30

As previously announced at this Web site, Elton, Elijah Wood, Ric Ocasek and John Legend are some of the names who are involved with an inaugural music prize.

The concept behind the New Pantheon is to honour the most creative and artistic records of the year. It is decided by a specially selected panel of respected figures in the arts (the ‘Nominators’). The expressed goal of the New Pantheon is accruing audiences for what’s next and what’s best in current music.

Founder Tom Sarig says that it ”stands for the minority of exceptional artists whose music enlightens, entertains and challenges. The New Pantheon not only subscribes to the belief that there’s a bigger potential audience for creative and interesting music, but we plan to provide a unique, as-yet attempted platform of exposure and support for these best artists and albums of the year.”

Nominations–including several from Elton–have been completed, and there are now ten finalists. The winner will be announced at an L.A. concert on February 6.

The New Pantheon was founded by Tom Sarig, who previously co-founded the Shortlist. He notes that he is proud of all that was achieved with the Shortlist. ”And while I would not in any way want to devalue all of the success we had, we (the Shortlist Co-founders) decided to go our own ways. In looking forward, I could not be more excited about this new unique entity and endeavor New Pantheon–the New Pantheon will cut bolder strokes and be more comprehensive in our initiatives to champion the finest contemporary music has to offer.”

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